Digital Mitchell event photography

we have taken our liking of taking photographs to the next level and we have started our own “event photography” company called “digital mitchell.”

our interest in photography started in Ernest when dawn started scrap booking.  it was then that she  started to take more photographs using her 35mm film point and shoot camera.  As dawn developed a better eye for what made a good photograph and what the end result of taking a photograph was going to be her need for a better camera also developed.  at the same time there was also developing a need to take hockey photographs for both the hockey web site & the hockey add program.

we bought their first digital slr camera and the pictures just started flowing!  one of the appealing things about a digital camera is that electrons are essentially free.  what that means is that we can take as many pictures as we want and not have to worry about the cost of getting them developed and then the cost of having prints made.  we just pay for the electricity to re-charge the battery!

Our friends, or in some cases; friends of friends, would ask us to take pictures for them.  We did a kidney foundation benefit golf outing and a friend of theirs friend asked us to photograph a cancer benefit baseball game.  This was great fun as we were able to be outside with our friends and doing what we like to do.

As a result of taking pictures of our Penn hockey high school team, we were asked to take the wedding photographs of one of Michael's old players--brandon coppins.  this was a great beginning and experience into “professional” photography for us.  it allowed us to actually photograph a wedding while at the same time not having the pressure of competing to get the job and, more importantly, not having the pressure of what might happen if the pictures did not come out!

being part of the hockey team allowed us to get to know the players outside of the ice rink, and when it was prom time they asked us to take their prom pictures, and when it was graduation time they would also ask us to take those pictures too.

with the success of taking brandon and Amanda’s wedding and with a couple of big named benefits to our credit we decided to try and do more events and thus was the beginning of Digital Mitchell Event Photography.

Have camera will travel!